I invite those who step foot in front of my lens to feel at ease and take a deep exhale- trusting that the most beautiful things come as they are and are not forced.

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I don’t recall the specifics of how I began my photography journey, but I do remember being quite young using my parents’ cameras and forcing my siblings to dress up for me. Very early on I realized “if I could make a job out of this my life would be awesome”  

+ here we are.

My priority is getting to know the people who hire me for their wedding. I believe by getting to know you two personally I can photograph your day better. from the outside in - and the inside out.

 I have gotten so lucky with this career. Seriously, I love it so much and I’m always so honored when couples trust me and invest into me. You’re picking a person to pay thousands of dollars to and trusting them to photograph one of the biggest days in your life. I don’t take it lightly and I love every part of it.

I kid you not I will have people invited to my future wedding who I met through shooting their own wedding. That's how intimate this process can be. I get so lucky with my couples, I love to believe they hired me for a reason other than because I know how to take a good photo. I want to vibe with you guys. 

I won best laugh in high school - People tell me I’m funny and laid back. I love traveling and meeting people. I love creating friendships and having lots of them. I love Jesus + sometimes I kiss my brides and I got my eyebrows from my Dad. Tell me about you guys and lets make some magic

I'm the middle child of three, 28 years old and currently living in a little home with my dog Juniper.

Is she not the most adorable creature you've ever laid your eyes on?

Hello. A brief introduction

I currently reside in the beautiful midwest. Where life is measured in summers.

In true Michigan fashion, I love spending the summers swimming in the lakes and sitting by a campfire. 

I spend a lot of time visiting different parts of the world. Europe is always a go-to of mine.

These are my siblings, they both have had the cutest babies so I don't have to.

I have been working as a photographer since 2016 documenting couples, families and portraiture. I feel immense gratitude for the locations this work has taken me and the opportunity to experience so many wonderful places.

Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Arizona, Austria, the Netherlands, Florida, Colorado, Utah, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Milan, Rome, Venice.