I invite those who step foot in front of my lens to feel at ease and take a deep exhale- trusting that the most beautiful things come as they are and are not forced.

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“We can’t even begin to express our gratitude and awe at what you captured. You, my dear, are a true artist. we loved the day of course, but you conveyed every bit of joy and love in these photographs. Thank you for spending the day with us, our nutty family, and making yourself so integral to the event - it simply wouldn’t have been the same without you there. we are so very grateful for your craft and your kindness! thank you a MILLION times over!”  - Marissa + Luke

"you conveyed every bit of joy and love in these PHOTOGRAPHS" 

“We LOVE Rachel. I came across Rachel’s Instagram while searching for our wedding photographer. I loved her style and how candid her photos were. From the moment we met at our engagement shoot, she made us feel so comfortable behind the camera. We were all in tears when we received the photos back... she captured our relationship in the most natural way. I could not wait to see what she would create on our wedding day. Let’s just say... I have never received so many compliments on something in my life. We will forever be able to cherish the love and memories shared on our wedding day through her work. She will always be our go-to for all of the milestones of life. We not only landed on the best photographer, but we also gained a friend in Rachel through our experience. Thank you, Rachel, for making us feel so special. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. We love you - Keir + Devin


“In conclusion, for a few thousand dollars, and a plate of food, Rachel will become your best friend."

“Rachel is so amazing! We had such a beautiful day and she captured it in a way that was unique to us. Which was something Hannah and I were very adamant on. Something that I was dreading the most for our day was the family pictures. They always seem to be so unorganized and chaotic and just all around stressful. Rachel completely turned that stress into a win. She did such an amazing job of managing the family and executed it beautifully. It was not stressful or out of control in any way, which is saying a lot because I am one of 9 kids. She captures little details that are so special and important to your special day. Things that I would never think about until looking back at the photos and realizing how much I appreciate them. She is amazing at what she does and we would recommend her to anyone! We love Rachel and she has become such a dear friend to us.”

"She captures little details that are so special and important to your special day."